Right off the bat this is impossible to answer accurately. Each of our Gates and of course our other hardwood products are painstakingly handcrafted out of the highest quality materials available.

Your new gates cost is determined by a variety of factors, such as size, material, accessories, distance, additional requirements and difficulty. Here is how we break this down:

  • Size – This is simply the measurement of your gate, Height, Width and Depth. The bigger the gate the higher the price.
  • Material – Different timbers cost different amounts, dependent on their quality, luster, grain, availability and demand.
  • Accessories – We can fit numerous accessories to your gate such as Iron Decoration, Artistic Flourishes, Ornamental Hinges, Letterboxes, Locking Mechanisms, Electrical Keypads, Automation with Remote Control and many more. The more accessories you want fitting the higher the price.
  • Distance – If you are in the Northwest we don’t charge for delivery, however if you require fitting then there is a fitting charge which differs dependent on the next couple of points (below). If you are out of the North West then a delivery charge will be applied to the project and we do not offer a fitting service.
  • Additional Requirements – This usually pertains to posts, if your property doesn’t have posts then we would need to add them for you before fitting your new gate. This will incur a charge which may differ dependant on the post you require. There are other “Additional Requirements” that you may want such as fencing etc… each of these will incur different costs.
  • Difficulty – This is a hard thing to quantify, but it mainly pertains to your property itself, if some unusual circumstance makes fitting your new gate particularly difficult and would require extra time for us to fit your gate such as uneven ground, a large rock in the way etc… then your fitting charge may increase accordingly.

To summarise, the more you want from your new gate, garage door or fence then the higher your quotation will be; however, a quote from Steven Palmer, owner of North West Gates, perfectly sums up our pricing:

“We are not selling cheap products, we sell products that look beautiful and last a long time. What I can say is that for the service and products we supply, it would be very difficult to find someone less expensive” – Steven Palmer