We can and have built many gates, doors and fences from Softwood. Some softwoods are gorgeous and are easy to work. The problem is longevity, no matter how you treat and care for your softwood gate it will never last as long as a hardwood counterpart.

The reason many people buy softwood gates, doors or fences is simply due to the cost, softwood is much cheaper and much faster to build with, this dramatically reduces the price, however; a softwood gate, door or fence will last approximately a fifth of the time a hardwood gate would last. Meaning, you would have to buy 5 softwood gates in place of 1 hardwood gate, and hardwood isn’t 5 times more expensive.

More often than not hardwood is the better choice, it is more durable, higher quality, prettier and lasts much longer. However; not everyone’s circumstances are the same, you may not want to live in your property for a very long time and therefore you have no need for additional longevity.

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